BYOD Champion

What is your current role in the ICT industry in the Middle East and what are your responsibilities?

As the CEO of StorIT Distribution, a value added distributor of Enterprise data Storage and emerging technologies, my responsibilities include creating and executing innovation strategies, bringing in the latest global technologies and solutions to the Middle East and North Africa market. The global technology landscape is continuing to evolve rapidly with so many new technologies being introduced daily. My job is to identify such innovative technologies, which complement our existing portfolio and bring them to our customers in the Middle East region.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is to help identify areas of Information Technology and bring them to our customers. These technologies are a world apart from the ones they know or would have imagined. I enjoy working closely with our vendor partners to carry their global vision and map it with our local strategies for our customers. StorIT has been a pioneer in introducing emerging technology frontiers to our customers and take these technologies to the top. Currently StorIT is in the centre of Cloud, High Performance Computing, Virtualisation, PAAS to name some technology trends.

Boby Joseph - StorIT

What are the upcoming trends or products in your sector?

Networking has made a full 360 degree come back into the core of the new ICT industry. However, this time it has brought with it new challenges of low latency communication and growth of technologies such as Infiniband, which were nearly written off. We see tremendous growth in datacentre appliances for specific or generic computing needs, which will connect to the grid (cloud).
Does your company have any green initiatives and if so, what?

We aggressively push our channel partners to educate and inform their customers on green and power saving technologies, and where customers can adopt these technologies and replace older systems so as to reduce consumption of power, cooling and harmful material use. As part of their green initiatives, our vendor partners have been working on cutting the overall power consumption and heat dissipation and RoHS compliant recyclable materials in their products.
Are you a BYOD user and what devices do you use?

Yes. I personally use my smartphones for work. I feel smartphones and tablet PCs are assets to the modern office as these gadgets boost employee productivity and help them save time. Although BYOD introduces new security challenges, we have tried to encourage our team to use their personal devices for official communication and computing but without compromising on the functionality and power of the applications we use. We have moved most of our applications to the cloud.

What are your out of office hobbies?

Photography is my passion and researching history is my hobby. I love researching history as it was written back in the ages, and checking how it has shaped our present. Uncovering the mysteries and truth can sometimes be controversial but the thrill of knowing what no man has known before always excites me.