StorIT is the Authorized Middle East and North Africa Value Added Distributor for SAS

IT Distributor for SAS in Middle East

Analytics is fast becoming essential for making sense out of data, but in many organizations ad hoc analysis is strictly the domain of the technically savvy. With SAS Visual Analytics, everyone can use analytics to get day-to-day insight.

SAS Visual Analytics provides a robust set of BI capabilities and approachable analytics, enabling different types of users to gain insights from any size of data through data visualization and exploratory analysis. You can quickly and easily explore all of your data using a drag-and-drop interface, analyze data and share results easily via Web reports and mobile devices. The solution helps you identify patterns, trends and relationships in data that were not evident before.

Why SAS®? Better analytics. Faster insights. Built for everyone.

In-memory processing makes it fast. Automated analytics make it easy. It’s visual analytics like you’ve never seen before.