Suren Vedantham, managing director, StorIT Distribution Fzco, talks about transitions happening in the regional IT market, cloud impact, managed services and why the specialist value-added distributor wants partners to take the lead.

The move to cloud-based computing is rapidly becoming a reality for many businesses in all markets across the Middle East, opening the door for start-ups and leaving hardware-infrastructure-focused vendors and distributors without clear cloud strategies in the dust.

Suren Vedantham - StorIT

For Suren Vedantham, who has successfully architected and masterminded multiple disruptive technology shifts, he is at it again. However, this time the stakes are high and the rivalry tougher for the onetime pioneer in data storage in the region. Vedantham has been charting game-changing strategies and solutions sets from data storage, data protection, data management, disaster recovery and big data analytics right through to the cloud computing revolution.

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