Out-of-band management

Access to your infrastructure in the event of network failures

Out-of-band management (OOB) offers alternative access to your network devices from an external location, even if the primary network has failed. Regardless of the production network, administrators can securely monitor, access and manage all devices without affecting normal operations. The console servers can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT networks and management systems and minimize the risk of no longer being able to access the infrastructure in the event of disruptions through a permanently established connection.

In order to guarantee even more continuity and up-time for business-critical applications, companies use intelligent automatisms of the Smart Out-of-Band ( Smart OOB ™) solutions.

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Smart out-of-band

Intelligent management & fixing of vulnerabilities in network devices

Thanks to the high scalability of Smart OOB, the infrastructure of hundreds of locations and thousands of devices can be managed, thus ensuring business continuity at the hardware level. This approach enables a wide variety of automatic responses and repairs, so companies can identify errors before they lead to system failures. The extended troubleshooting and troubleshooting at the edge of the network reduces operating costs and minimizes downtimes – all from a central management platform

So what makes Opengear’s out-of-band so smart ? It can:

  • Detect and fix problems automatically
  • Failover to Cellular TM via 4G-LTE to keep the WAN functional even during a network failure
  • Send automated alerts via email or SMS to inform you of network problems
  • Identify any problems or unusual activity related to temperature conditions, door position of server racks, and network availability


Alternative access to data centers and decentralized company locations

The Opengear IM7200 console server optimizes the remote management of network, server and power infrastructures in data centers and decentralized company locations, thus ensuring business continuity and secure, reliable access. The IM7200 combines Smart OOB ™ out-of-band management with Failover to Cellular ™, ensuring proactive monitoring and troubleshooting.

  • Console server with 8 to 48 serial ports (RJ45)
  • Alternatively available with 16 serial ports plus 24 USB 2.0 console ports or 16 serial ports plus integrated 24 port Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Dual network access with integrated SFP fiber optic and GbE copper ports
  • Serial pin assignment configurable via software
  • PSTN and optional 4G – LTE cellular modem for remote access to Smart OOB ™ during a primary network failure
  • Failover to Cellular ™ for out-of-band access to temporarily support the WAN of your remote location
  • Integrated 802.11a / b / g / n WLAN
  • Integrated RESTful API engine


Resilience Gateway

Increased availability for your remote locations

The ACM7000-L Resilience Gateway ensures availability in branch offices, retail stores, points of sale and other remote locations. Access via the 4G – LTE cellular modem offers a constantly active gateway to your external network devices, even if the primary network has failed.

With Smart OOB ™ you can identify and fix problems in remote locations before failures occur there. Increase your WAN availability and stability through Failover to Cellular ™ via 4G LTE networks and integrated multi-carrier options.

  • 4 – 8 serial ports (RJ45), out-of-band management of network devices, servers, PDUs, etc.
  • 4 USB 2.0 console ports for out-of-band management serial over USB
  • Gigabit Ethernet switch with 4 ports integrated in the 4-port model
  • CISCO-straight pin assignment
  • Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) for the detection, identification and verification of connected devices in your local network.
  • 4 GB internal memory

Resilience Gateway

Lighthouse Centralized Management

Clear view of your network

Lighthouse Centralized Management

The Lighthouse Management Platform is the central software tool for the out-of-band management of your IT infrastructure. It offers a very high level of stability and transparency even in the event of critical failures.

Lighthouse offers:

  • Central network hub and administration portal for Opengear Smart OOB ™ devices and third party console servers
  • Scalable management and automation – from initial commissioning to routine operation and disaster recovery
  • Transparent, always available connectivity, regardless of the state and status of remote WAN or LAN
  • Central and secure end-to-end out-of-band management
  • Access to managed devices via naming, regardless of how and where they are connected
  • Specially developed for network failures in absolute emergency situations, when it means “Just give me a console quickly”!
  • Tunnel firewalls, carrier NAT and failover with Lighthouse VPN

NetOps Console Servers

Out-of-band and NetOps automation. Together

NetOps Console Servers

An intelligent out-of-band management network already provides presence and proximity to your critical devices, making it easy to add NetOps automation to your edge network. The ability to run standard NetOps tools like Docker and Python on a console server offers a new way to automate your operations at central and remote locations.

The new Opengear NetOps Console-Servers combine the capabilities of a SmartOOB Console-Server with the flexibility of NetOps automation. They have an x86 CPU to supply automation tools and a TMP2.0 chip for embedded security.

The compact OM1200 appliance has been specially developed for secure edge implementations in combination with the Lighthouse Management Software, while the OM2200 appliance is configured for data centers and locations with high density.

They provide a separate, secure management layer that supports emerging network management and automation requirements.