Reseller ME delves into the channel oppurtunities present in the regional SMB segment and how partners can lead the discussion to be successful.

Deploying high-end technology solution is no longer restricted to only large enterprises, the small and medium businesses (SMBs) also want to achieve the same result, however the catch being, using much less resources and investments.

Over the years, IDC has noted the increasing demand from SMBs in the GCC region for ICT services in order to grow their businesses, improve their offering and to gain an edge over competition. According to the research firm, the regional SMBs adopted ICT solutions around basic connectivity and cost efficient productivity application. But this trend is gradually moving to matured services and solutions as SMBs realize the business advantages of employing the third platform and other technologies.

Ranjith - StorIT

The general notion when it comes to approaching small and medium business customers is that they have budget constraints and may not invest into IT as much. While this is true to a certain extent, it should be noted that more than not spending SMBs are on the lookout for cost reduction. Therefore, a technology, which will help in optimizing operations and also shutting down on the costs in the long run will appeal to this set of customers.

“Security, storage, back up and virtualization are some of the technologies that SMBs look for. Cloud Computing is offering the SMB segment opportunities, which where previously to a large enterprises. We are seeing increased trend where SMBs are adopting cloud services, mobility, social media and Big Data grow their business, reach broader markets and increase sales” – Ranjith Kaippada, Product Sales Manager-StorIT Distribution 

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