StorIT, a data storage provider in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, has announced the availability of Mellanox’s high performance computing (HPC) solutions for the Oil and Gas sector, which will help companies improve productivity for Oil and Gas high performance simulations.

Mellanox offers InfiniBand and Ethernet solutions that accelerate and maximize the capability of HPC systems and enable simulations to be executed faster and in higher quantity.

The vendor’s 40Gb/s InfiniBand and 10Gb/s Ethernet interconnect solutions are designed for multi-core cluster environments and can efficiently handle multiple data streams simultaneously while guaranteeing fast and reliable data transfers for each of the streams.

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With latency as low as 1 micro¬second, throughput as high as 40Gb/s, extreme message rate and low CPU overhead, Mellanox solutions enable fast and highly scalable communication among server processing units and storage systems, and therefore maximize the HPC system utilization into the high 90 percentile range, on average 50% higher than other networking solutions.

“Oil and Gas companies need to use the latest HPC solutions to improve their computing environments in order to achieve highest productivity for reservoir simulations. They must invest in the required infrastructure to empower their engi¬neers with the most advanced HPC resources, which will help them minimize the time involved in processing massive amounts of data, reduce costs and speed time for production,” said Boby Joseph, CEO of StorIT.

“StorIT is pleased to bring to the regional market one of the best global HPC solutions for the Oil and Gas sector from our vendor partner, Mellanox. The solution offers one of the world’s fastest interconnect, supporting 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet, and 40 and 120Gb/s InfiniBand. It also offers the lowest CPU overhead and the highest networking infrastructure. StorIT will work closely with the Mellanox team to offer channel partners total sales and implementation support for projects across the region,” he added.

StorIT will work closely with its channel partners to offer total support including training, pre-sales and post sales architecture, design and implementation support as well as onsite support on Oil and Gas projects across the MENA region.

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